Boulder mats

BoulderbildPrime principle of Boulder mats is the minimisation of injury risks. Being conscious of this requirement,  we produce tumbling protection mats. All mats are designed according to the latest perceptions in the climbing and Boulder area,  but also from experience of other sports.

We manufacture for you the ideal mat for use in kindergartens,  in school but also in big or small Boulder or climbing halls and we support you during the planning and realisation of mats.

You can receive from us:

  • Plug-in mats for the climbing area
  • Tumbling protection mats and soft-bottoms
  • Boulder mats also for slopes, Boulder caves, rooms with soil moisture
  • Available with seat starts or wedges
  • Outdoor mats
  • Protection bolsters for posts, edges etc.
  • Promotion imprints from our company
  • Renting mats for Boulder matches


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